Online magazine Exclusive Collective took notice of Toy Photography and gave me the honor of attempting one of their themed challenges.  A themed challenge is where the folks at Exclusive Collective pick a random theme, and give that them to the photographer.  From there, the photographer is tasked with interpreting that theme into a series of photos, at least 5.  Then, he/she has to explain their thought process behind the shoot.  Well, I was given a "Doosie" of a theme.  My theme was "I Paused".  So, with that being said I went about brainstorming.  Below is where you can find my article.


Felton Lighty takes us on an incredible trip now as he takes on his themed challenge shoot entitled "I Paused" which has to be one of our vaguest and more challenging themes to date but boy does Felton deliver! Initial reaction: When I first received the theme's assignment, I honestly was stuck.